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Welcome to RDs4Disclosure – a U.S.-based, peer-enacted community of registered dietitians expressing their commitment for full disclosure in all forms of media and online communications. (U.K.-based dietitians please click HERE for UK RDs4Disclosure).

What does it mean?

As registered dietitians we are bound by an ethical code of conduct to refrain from the practice of providing false or misleading information to patients, clients and consumers. Failure to disclose real or perceived conflicts of interest is a direct violation of this code. As registered dietitians increase their online and traditional media presence, the need for open and honest disclosure has become crucial to preserving the integrity of our profession and interests of consumers, as well as adhering to requirements of the Federal Trade Commission.

By adopting the RDs4Disclosure Guiding Principles, registered dietitians are making public their commitment toward providing patients, clients and consumers the information they need, want and deserve to determine the clear intent of the RD’s communications.

What does it require?

As a peer-enacted community, RDs4Disclosure simply requires that you adopt the Guiding Principles listed below and notify us through the “Make the Pledge” section of this site. Your name will then be displayed on the RDs4Disclosure “Members” area signaling your commitment to the community at-large. A badge will also be provided for you to display on your site that signals to your local online community that you have made this pledge.

For assistance in generating a Disclosure policy or for more information about the registered dietitian’s code of ethics and the importance of Disclosure in communications, please visit the Resources page.

What are the RDs4Disclosure Guiding Principles?

The following represents the four basic guidelines that RDs4Disclosure recommend the registered dietitian adopt to establish an internal and public disclosure policy to guide her/his individual communication efforts.

1. You pledge to be honest and transparent about the affiliations, employment, financial or material relationships that influence or appear to influence your media outreach – including blog posts, social media channels and traditional media outlets. (Financial and material relationships should be considered any and all compensation, reimbursement, in-kind donations or free gifts/products/services that influence or appear to influence your media outreach.)

2. You pledge to the best of your ability to make your disclosure clear and prominent in your media outreach – including within your blog posts, through social media channels and on-air or in-print through traditional media outlets.

3. You pledge to provide an up-to-date, clear and prominent Disclosure page or statement on your website, blog or social media profiles that discloses affiliations and financial relationships that influence or appear to influence your media outreach. (Note: “Prominent” pages or statements are those that are specifically labeled as “Disclosure” and easily accessed from the home page. Pages that are buried multi-level deep within the site or are not labeled as “Disclosure” and easily locatable from the home page do not meet these guidelines.)

4. You acknowledge that by posting the RDs4Disclosure badge, you are adopting a peer-enacted set of guidelines intended to provide consumers an accurate depiction of direct or indirect advertising that may otherwise affect their purchasing decisions.

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