This site is not intended as a “policing” organization for registered dietitians who may be in breach of professional ethics. Its intent is to raise awareness and give peer-generated support to assist RDs who wish to honor their professional code of ethics and comply with current guidelines as it relates to their online and traditional media communications.

If you suspect someone is in breach of their code of ethics or is not utilizing full disclosure in their communications effort, please direct them to this site. The area of online and traditional media communications is an area of practice which is new to many RDs and one in which they may simply be misinformed about their professional responsibilities.

Since broken integrity has serious implications on the credibility of our profession, if you believe violations have been made knowingly by an RD and you wish to file an ethics complaint, please submit a complaint form to The American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Commission on Dietetics Registration. Complaints and violations may also be reported to the Federal Trade Commission.