Hello and welcome to the UK page on RDs4Disclosure, established in 2014! We’re so glad that you’ve found us and can’t wait to help you to blog/use social media whilst upholding the integrity of our profession.

Our mission is to create a supportive community of UK Registered Dietitians who are dedicated to upholding the highest standards online. We believe that online communications should be impartial, transparent and honest. We are committed to the promotion of ‘best practice’ whilst giving the public what they want – practical support, tips and advice that is un biased, and has their best interests at heart.



This ‘community’ was established to give UK RDs the confidence to use social media (including blogs) whilst complying with specific UK guidelines and EU legislation, which may not be applicable to other registered dietitians from around the world.

The dietitians who have set up this page *all wave hello* have had extensive experience of blogging and using social media, and as such have seen gained vast knowledge in the area. They wish to use this knowledge in order to help other dietitians to thrive online whilst not breaking the ‘rules’. The journey has been tough for some – a lack of guidance in past years has meant dietitians have had to ‘guess’ their way around establishing themselves online, however we now feel confident that we can guide you down the right social media path.



To join our campaign you can “Make the Pledge” to abide our “UK Specific 5 Guiding Principles”. Your name will then be added to the “RDs4Disclosure UK Members Page” signalling your commitment to the community at-large. A specific UK badge will be provided for you to display on your site that signals to your local online community that you have made this pledge.

You can also request to join our RDs4Disclosure UK LinkedIn Page which is a meeting point for the community to discuss topics of interest.

We will also be frequently posting ‘online challenges’ to help promote UK RDs online (think ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ type posts!). We have decided not to have a Twitter account or Facebook page and to instead keep discussions within the more professional capacity of LinkedIn. We will however be launching various social media campaigns and hashtags which will be able to be used across all social mediums.



We are NOT the food police, or blogging police for that matter! We are here to positively promote our profession and support each other within the online community. If you feel a dietitian is not upholding the integrity of our profession online, please make them aware of this website. If you feel a dietitian is not abiding by HCPC standards and their conduct may affect their fitness to practice as an RD, you should report this to the HCPC or seek guidance from the BDA. This online community is here to help RDs online, not to regulate them.



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