Here are some key points to include when writing a disclaimer for your blog (ignore this page if you don’t have a blog or website!).


Where to put your Disclosure:

Have your disclosure clearly marked and accessible from the home page of your website. Link to it on any sponsored blog posts or reviews.

Who you are Registered with:

Registered with HCPC and BDA and your credentials. Pledges

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with RDs4DisclosureUK.


Adhere to the HCPC standards: “Any advertising you do must be accurate and done in a responsible way. You must not make or support unjustifiable statements relating to products. Any potential financial rewards should not play a part in the advice or recommendations of products and services you give.”

To adhere to the IAB guidelines for sponsorship and advertising which say you must make it clear when paid for a promotion or blog post. Including the use of #spon #ad or #sp in your tweets. To abide by ASA guidelines when using affiliate links.

General Info:

Information on your website/blog is not a substitute for seeing a dietitian/doctor.


Sponsorship – any sponsored blogs whether this be monetary or in the form of free products will be disclosed.

Your rules around product reviews – for example reviews being your own opinion even if sponsored.

Advertising – if you accept these and your rules around these

Sources/Credit Others:

Credit other dietitians if you have used phrases from their sites:


Examples of UK Disclaimers

Nic from Nics Nutrition

Helen from Food & Nonsense

Gemma from Dietitian without Borders

Priya from Dietitian UK