Blogging and social media are fantastic ways of raising the profile of dietitians whilst sharing our expert knowledge with the wider public. Good quality communications ensure that we promote healthy living and nutrition information in a positive way, with the interest of the public at heart. By doing this we protect the integrity of our profession and ensure the public see us for what we are, trustworthy nutrition experts.


By joining this group, you are pledging to adhere to the following guidelines:


1. To blog or share information with the interest of the public at heart. Posts and statements should aim to improve the health of your following/readers and be based on the most up to date and accurate information possible.

2. To disclose, disclose, disclose. Honesty and transparency should be at the centre of any media communications. Any financial or material gains you have received should be prominently displayed so that anyone reading your post can easily assess if there is a conflict of interest. For bloggers, this should also include a permanent disclosure policy displayed on and easily accessible from your home page.

3. To only provide the public with your own honest opinion. Your employment or any financial or material gains should not influence your statements or choices.

4. To continue to work within the HCPC standards for conduct performance & ethics, the IBA Guidelines, ASA and BDA Social Media Guidance.

5. To adopt this set of peer enacted guidelines and direct people to them if you feel they are not acting in the interest of the public or our profession.


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