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NEW 2017 ASA Affiliate Rules: For Social Media Influencers

Health and Care Professionals Council: Social media guidance: Focus on standards – social networking sites

BDA Making Sense of Social Media [Members Only]


PENNutrition eNews: Social Media Section

Volume 2 Issue 1 – Dialling into the digital age Part I – Don’t be antisocial

Volume 2 Issue 2 – Dialling into the digital age Part II – Maintain professional boundaries and privacy

Volume 2 Issue 3 – Dialling into the digital age Part III – Be honest, informed and transparent

Volume 2 Issue 4 – Dialling into the digital age Part IV – If in doubt, spell it out

Volume 2 Issue 5 – Dialling into the digital age Part V – Jump on now

Volume 2 Issue 6 – Dialling into the digital age Part VI – Be aware of the possibility for social success and risky business

Volume 3 Issue 3 – Social Media Corner: What is a twitter chat?

Volume 3, Issue 4 – Social Media Corner: The paradoxes of pop science


Blogging & Social Media Resources

Dietitians Association Australia: (2014) ‘Guiding principles for engaging with social media: A fact sheet for DAA members (member access only)

Dietitians Association of Australia’s (2011) ‘Dialling into the digital age: Guidance on social media for DAA members’ resource

Peng Q, Probst Y (2012) Growing use of Social Media: How can Dietitians embrace this trend?

American Dietetic Association Dietitians in Business and Communications (2009): Social Media 201

Accredited Practising Dietitians Emma Stirling, Heidi Sze, Teri Lichtenstein, Jemma O’Hanlon (2014) The Scoop on Blogging Secrets – for health and lifestyle bloggers

Nutrition Australia (2014) Webinar recording: Social media for nutrition professionals 


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